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 Electronic balance
  • KS-Balance 210g/0.0001g
    KS-Balance 210g/0.0001g
      Detaied information   1.Built-in overload protection  2.AC adapter to appropriate
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  • KS-NBC  Precision Balance
    KS-NBC  Precision Balance
      Capacity: 150g/0.005g,300g/0.01g,600g/0.01g,1200g/0.01g,3000g/0.1g internal resolution:600,0
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  • KS-UBED:Precision Balance
    KS-UBED:Precision Balance
      Capacity:150g/0.005g, 300g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g ,1200g/0.01g, 3000g/0.1g Internal resolution: 6
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  • KS-UBE:Precision Balance
    KS-UBE:Precision Balance
      Capacity:150g/0.005g, 300g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g ,1200g/0.01g, 3000g/0.1g Internal resolution: 6
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  • KS-UBC: High Precision Balance
    KS-UBC: High Precision Balance
    Internal resolution: 600,000                     KS-UBC: one side LCD display with backlight    
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  • KS-TBED High Precision Balance
    KS-TBED High Precision Balance
      Capacity: 150g/0.005g , 300g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g, 1200g/0.01g , 3000g/0.1g Internal resol
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  • KS-TBE: High Precision Balance
    KS-TBE: High Precision Balance
    Capacity: 150g/0.005g , 300g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g, 1200g/0.01g , 3000g/0.1g Internal resolution:600
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  • KS-TEC: High Precision Balance
    KS-TEC: High Precision Balance
      Capacity: 150g/0.005g , 300g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g, 1200g/0.01g , 3000g/0.1g KS-TEC: Dual sides 
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  • KS-TBC High Precision Balance
    KS-TBC High Precision Balance
      Capacity: 150g/0.005g , 300g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g, 1200g/0.01g , 3000g/0.1g KD-TBC: one side LC
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  • KS-D High Precision Balance
    KS-D High Precision Balance
    Capacity: 60gx0.001g LCD display with backlight             Stainless steel Platform:φ69mm
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  • KS-89
    Capacity: 5000g/1g LCD display with backlight                   Units: g/oz                   
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  • KS-KC Balance
    KS-KC Balance
    KS-KC:LCD display with backlight   300g/0.01g, 1000g/0.1g, 2000g/0.2g, 5000g/0.5g               
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  • KS-KE Balance
    KS-KE Balance
    KS-KE:LED display                                KS-KE Units: pcs/g/ct/ozt                      
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  • KS-SC Electronic Balance
    KS-SC Electronic Balance
      KS-SC£şLED display   500g/0.1g, 1000g/0.2g, 3000g/0.5g, 5000g/1g                        
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  • KS-SE Electronic Balance
    KS-SE Electronic Balance
    KS-SE£şLED display   500g/0.1g, 1000g/0.2g, 3000g/0.5g, 5000g/1g                          Auto 
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